About Us

Bostonian Personnel offers an efficient, confidential and professional alternative to the time-consuming methods traditionally used to locate the attorney with the educational background, level of experience, type of expertise and area of specialization required to match your needs.

Bostonian Personnel has a relationship with a very valuable pool of legal talent with thousands of practicing attorneys in major legal centers globally. We do a considerable amount of partner placements, as well as law firm mergers, thought out the United States.  We have interviewed and are in contact with these attorneys because each has expressed an interest in exploring available opportunities and challenges.

Bostonian Personnel carefully matches the requirements of employers with the background and qualifications of applicants.  Thus, we can recruit the best possible attorneys for client employers and provide the most desirable opportunities for our applicants.

Over the years, Bostonian Personnel has successfully placed numerous experienced attorneys with a variety of specialties in law firms and corporations of every size around the world.

As a prospective employer, your time is spent interviewing and evaluating a select group of applicants – carefully screened to represent only those attorneys whose background and qualifications meet your requirements.

As an applicant, you know that we will never forward your credentials to any third party without your prior knowledge and consent.